Tuesday, 29 June 2010

University ~ at my age? Yikes! And naughty dogs!

Finally decided to take the plunge and have signed up to The Open University. My course starts in October and is the first part towards a degree in literature.

It's been something I've been thinking about for ages.  Originally I planned to do a history degree, but after looking into it I think literature is a bit more me.

Meanwhile some dogs have been caught (by me) in the field with my lovely sheepsie neighbours.  They've been worrying the sheep for several days; and killed some.  Now we have lambs without mummies and mummies without lambs. 

When I tried to chase the dogs off  I found a dead ewe and several others injured.  The damage these dogs did was quite horrendous.  I alerted the farmer and he shot one of them, but the other got away.

Now I'm a huge dog fan ~ but on seeing what they did I wouldn't want one of those particular dogs as a family pet. Although it was sad that the dog was shot, what alternative was there?

Calm has been restored over the garden fence and the other dog hasn't returned, thank goodness.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Petworth & New Stuff

Before the weather turned a bit yuk we spent an afternoon at Petworth which was gorgeous.  The rhododendrons were beautiful and their scent floated everywhere.

Sadly didn't see any of the deer so had to settle for the swans ~ this one just loved having his picture taken. The collection of paintings here is well worth seeing and some great old kitchens.

Haven't had much time for crafts, but have started on some new projects ~ loads of things half completed; as usual. 

I've started making some cosmetic bags and zip purses; these are cut out and ready to go.
My first effort:

Really enjoyed making this ~ in the past I've always been pants at sewing, but it was a lot easier than I thought. I've had some tags made up and started a fabric stash!
And now I'm making resin pendants too!


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