Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Funky Flowers & Anklets

I've been having a bit of a brooch and anklet fest ~ I'm tempted to list a few in my Folksy & Misi shops, but as I'm putting them in holiday mode on Saturday I don't think there's much point.  I'm not too sure if buyers can still buy when you're in holiday mode; not done it before.
I've started turning my flowers into fridge magnets and noticeboard pins for a bit of a change.   These ones are slightly smaller than the flowers I usually make.

I love making anklets ~ as soon as the sun starts to shine out come the shorts and leg shaving is taken a bit more seriously!  I've never worn an ankle bracelet myself, but whenever I list some on ebay they always sell out quickly; even with the negative connotations some still associate with them, but if you've got the ankles for it why not?

One of my favourites ~ Strawberry & Lime


  1. sarah.. thanks for your comment. i did receive your beautiful felt brooch, i'm so sorry it missed the frantic photo shoot and my comment! it, and all of the lovely felt brooches of yours are lovely. thanks again. bridgetx

  2. I love these felt flowers! It makes me think of Spring time ... when it is cold outside. :)

  3. I love the bright colors of the anklets, there perfect for summer, and remind me of the bright colors in the garden. I also love the posts and pictures of your travels especially the castles.... I wish I could travel more .... looking forward to seeing where you travel next ... Lindsay http://www.blingzthething.com



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