Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sunshine & Holidays

My blogging has been very sporadic for the last few weeks ~ I've been rather pre-occupied with my forthcoming trip to India. I leave on Saturday! I've never been before, but after watching Masterchef last night I can't wait.  It's a totally different holiday to anything I've done previously.  I've one more shopping trip to make on Thursday and then we're all set to go.  My OH has already packed!

After our trip to the South Pacific last August I had a few problems with one of my legs swelling up after flying. I've had to buy some rather hideous sock things to wear on the plane and with a bit of walking about during the flight I should be ok.

After joining the National Trust we had one of our 'how many places can you visit in one day' days ~ we managed three.  We visited Ightham Mote, Knole and Scotney Castle.  All great places to visit if you're ever in Kent.

Just love soaking up all that history!


  1. Wow! India, how fantastic! I have a 'hippy friend who travels around India on a bicyce! She loves the place! You will have a wonderful time!

  2. just re-read your comment about airplane tights... have picked up a prescription for full length ones as have painful veins with pregnancy. mmmmm. can't wait to try them out! hope india is wonderful.



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