Friday, 26 March 2010

Coughing! Favourite Fing Friday!

Ages since I last blogged ~ finally managing to do my favourite fing Friday on Friday!

I've spent the past week endlessly coughing and once I start there's no stopping me (crossed legs as well ~ if you know what I mean).  Went to the doc; I have viral bronchitis ~ great! I used to suffer with asthma, but haven't had an attack in years; now this coughing has aggravated it and I've got to take a blooming inhaler for a while. Took me ages to ween myself off the things!

As I mentioned illness I picked my favourite thing as a lovely little book I discovered a few years ago in a secondhand book shop.  It's called 'Primitive Psychic' and was published in 1824. It has gorgeous olde handwriting inside the cover and I can just imagine it being carried in the pocket of a doctor in the regency period ~ flicking through the well-thumbed pages in search of a treatment or remedy.

Some of the treatments listed in the book are quite peculiar and it's hard to believe that this was a serious book written by John Wesley and originally published in 1747. 

Some of the suggestions for treating a cough are chewing Peruvian bark (?), a slice of turnip spread with sugar and drinking a pint of water while lying down. Interesting though, it has a honey and lemon remedy to ~ so not so strange!
One of my personal favourites though is one for a deep cut ~ bind on toasted cheese! Interesting!
Love these old books though, they really fire the imagination!


  1. oooh poor you xxxx Hope you feel better soon! The book is beautiful and will be great as a photo 'prop', I love old books too - even the smell of them! lol!

  2. That book looks really interesting! Hope you feel better soon :D
    Tracy x

  3. Hope you feel better soon.
    I won your February give away , sorry I answered a few posts down a little late, I've left my email. xx



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