Saturday, 13 March 2010

Favourite Fings Friday!

Right, I was planning to do a favourite things each Friday.  I know it's Saturday today, but as I forgot to take the photos I was going to include I'm doing it a day late this time.

I'm told that I'm really nosy (probably true) so as I like nosing around in other peoples 'stuff' I thought I'd let everyone else nose around each Friday at something I have in the many boxes and cupboards that I fill with what I'm told is junk! To me it's treasure, of course.

This 'mizpah' brooch is one of my favourite things; I inherited it from my Great Grandmother, Beatrice (known as Minnie). It was a gift to her from my Great Grandfather, Albert;she wore it while he was in France during WW1.  He was a blacksmith from the East End of London and during the war he rode horses which pulled the artillery guns to the front line.

Here they are with my Grandad in about 1913.


  1. fabulous story - and look at Great Grandma's collar, gorgeous!

  2. What a fabulous picture, you are so lucky to have it! G.Grans waist is tiny! A lovely posting x

  3. Hi,
    Just wanted to check you know who you are swapping with for the flower swap? All the info is on
    Apologies if you already know!
    Louise x

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  5. thanks, Sarah. please delete as suggested. xx Bridget



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