Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring has sprung & over the garden fence!

Has spring finally sprung!? March has started well ~ loads of sunshine even though it's still cold.  Not much is stirring in the garden; the daffodils seem to be later this year.  Had a scoot round this morning, all I could find was a single lonely crocus and my Christmas Rose has finally bloomed!

What's happening over the garden fence? ~ all the sheep have had their bottoms shaved as we'll soon be greeting the new arrivals!

I've been working on some more earrings for my website

I also sold my first item on Folksy, but for some reason the buyer didn't pay; I had to relist it which is a bit disappointing ~ why do people do that?

My amarylis has finally bloomed!

And granny squares are coming along ~ thanks to the arrival of the Ladybird book! Whoopee!


  1. I have nominated you for a sunshine blog award.

    Emma xx

  2. Thank you, Emma. That's really sweet of you ~ thank you. I'm now following you to!
    Best wishes, Sarah.



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