Sunday, 21 February 2010

Don't laugh at my granny square!

I've been wrestling with a crochet hook and wool for a couple of weeks now and after countless false starts this is my first attempt at a granny square! The only one I've managed to finish. Now I know it's, well what can I say, um; oh, alright then have a chuckle.

Feeling better for that? Good. Right, I could do these when I was a kid, my Mum taught me with the help of a really good Ladybird book; but I haven't touched a crochet hook in years.  After seeing all the lovely crochetted flowers, hats and all those gorgeous amigurumi whatsnames thingys, I thought I can crochet. Armed with various books I sat down and quickly discovered that actually, no; I can't crochet at all.

I've watched videos on youtube (really good by the way), read books, magazines and picked my Mum's brain (she's forgotten as well) I came to the conclusion there seem to be lots of different ways to actually make a granny square.  I've got this far and the thing I can't figure out is what you do when you get to the end of each round ~ if I could work that out I think I might be able to crack it! But then I've got to think about changing colour on each round. Now that's opening up another can of worms! I WON'T GIVE UP!


  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your lovely comments! Funny how we find each other in this blogging world, off to have a read, take care! Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Well done you. There are so many things people would like to have a go at but are to scared for fear of not getting it right so well done you for showing us all that despite a few years 'you've still got it'

  3. I'm self-taught in crochet (like you, found internet tutes invaluable). It was teaching myself to crochet that made me discover my inner knitting designer - I can't follow crochet patterns very well, so crocheting made me realise I could also make up my own knitting patterns. What I do (and I don't know if this is "right") at the end of a round is do an extra whatever-stitch-you're-using to make the corners a bit bigger. And when changing colour, change before you quite finish the last one, that seems to help somehow.

  4. Thanks for the help, Nifty. I've bought myself a copy of that old Ladybird book ~ let's hope, when it arrives, all will be revealed.



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