Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wax melts instead

Today was just as gloomy, so another day has gone by without any of the planned photos being taken. I decided to experiment with my new weeny wax melt moulds.  I was a bit worried about these; they're silicone and they seemed a bit floppy when they're empty.  Luckily they kept their shape when I poured in the hot wax and have worked just great ~ I think I'll have to buy some more!

The kitchen smells of ylang ylang which is gorgeous. When I've decided on my final smells I'd like to use both fragrance and essential oils. So I've lots more experimenting to do, but I'm almost out of wax.  I'm currently on a spending ban as I've just bought this Dell Notebook thingy and as I'm away to India in April I can't keep buying things (can I?).

I look forward to seeing what the melts look like when I de-mould them tomorrow.  It smells like a tropical paradise here ~ shame it's raining!

Just wanted to wish a friend a happy birthday ~ 100 years old this year!

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