Monday, 15 February 2010

Goodbye, purple baseball boots!

Oh, well ~ didn't win the lottery as planned so I'm writing this in my sitting room rather than in a hammock on Bora Bora!

Been having a mooch round the garden as the sun shone today.  Trying to remember where I planted my parsnips and following the foxy footprints in what's left of the snow.

The allotment at the bottom of my garden is looking really sad ~ I'm trying to pick a spot for a row of lavender bushes.  Grew too many potatoes last year ~ although once they were bagged up and stored a pesky mouse ate through one of the sacks.  Planning more fruit and flowers for the coming season.

I'll be saying a fond farewell to my favourite boots as they've finally fallen to pieces ~ I have a pink pair waiting in the wings, but it's tough giving up on some old favourites.

Still busy sorting out some new jewellery designs and plans are finally afoot for my website (at long last).

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bridal Bracelet
Swarovski, button pearl and piattine earrings and matching pendant

I'm planning my first blog give away for the end of the week ~ this will be a selection of jewellery making bits, so watch this space. Should be appearing on Friday.

Meanwhile I have an appointment with

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