Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wow! The snow!

It's snowing really hard at the moment!  I have to go into work later, hope I can get in!  Love the snow, but would prefer it snowed overnight so I can have a snow day and not worry about getting there.  I work in two country schools and with living in a rural area the roads can be really bad as they never grit this far out. The forecast gives more snow tonight so maybe a snow day tomorrow.

This is part of my garden and my summer workshop ~ not too inviting; it has electricity, but no heating! Brrr!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself as yesterday I had my immunisations for going to India; one was really painful and my arm is swollen and bruised :(

Spent yesterday catching up on earring making ~ had loads of single earrings from when I was messing around with beads so decided to finish them off.  More to list on Folksy! And still trying to take those photos ~ when my spending ban is up I must buy a light tent and some daylight bulbs!

Frosted Snowdrop Earrings


  1. found you through craft forums - I love your ladybird brooch!
    You have a new follower :)

  2. I wish I wore earrings, those frosted snowdrops are gorgeous!



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