Friday, 12 February 2010

Opened Misi Shop

I finally got round to opening my Misi shop ~ only two things in at the moment, but it's great to get started.

Well, it snowed and snowed ~ one of my schools closed for a snow day, the other opened. They're only a few miles apart; don't know what difference that made, the snow was bad in both places!. So I had to go out in the snow anyway.  Got to school and they'd all gone home early cos of the snow; didn't bother letting me know though.  Everything back to normal (?!) for the last day of half term.

Managed to give my craft room a good tidy, which was well overdue as I'm the messy one in our household.

Buying my Euromillions ticket on the way to work ~ fingers crossed; don't normally get a single number, but I can dream!

Just thinking; this is where I'll be writing my next blog from, if my numbers come up! Good luck to everyone who buys a ticket ~ but you do realise I've got the winning numbers ;)

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  1. It makes a change seeing someone else is getting the snow it is usually us in the North West but who knows we could still get a sprinkling as its still only February. Just popped by to say hi as I saw your post on Handmade and I am new to the site as well. I am a blogspot blogger so maybe you can pop along and have a look at mine. I love the earings they are fab. Have a great evening.
    Beverley -



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